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Hypnotherapist in San Diego - NLP Trainer - Corporate Trainer - Speaker - Author 619/990-0311

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Monthly Mind Maintenance Webinar

This is the perfect way to become the master of your mind from the comfort of your home or office. Google-plus-hangouts-on-airOnce a month you have the opportunity to learn the latest and best in the field of personal growth, relationships, and communication skills. Occasionally I will invite a special guest speaker for optimum learning. Via google hangout you can either actively participate, just watch/listen and learn, or since all webinars are recorded for subscribers, you can watch/listen to the recordings at the time of your choosing. The webinars take place every second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm PST


Client Testimonial - Rory H.

We never thought we could become nonsmokers, but we did....all thanks to Christian! The office is quiet and comfortable and Christian is very professional in every way. Christian starts out by getting to know the client which again made us feel really comfortable. His explanation of the process and the elimination of "addiction" was very clear. After waking from the hypnosis we both felt refreshed and clear. Christian sent us home with a set of recordings to follow up with and also set a follow up appointment just to refresh us. After that first session, were were immediately NON smokers. Neither one of us have smoked nor do we want to. Christian has saved us a half a million dollars by the time we turned 75 and saved our bodies from toxicity. We will never be able to thank him enough. I have recommended him to everyone I know who smokes. Save yourself with Christian. We sure did.


Client Testimonial - Daniel H.

I went to see Christian for a life-long tobacco habit. To be honest I had tried everything over two decades to conquer this habit: the patch, nicotine gum, cold turkey, replacement habits, sunflower seeds, ect. I had to quit this habit since I was hiding this from my family and society and it was making me sick both physically and emotionally. Christian was my last option left on the table for achieving a tobacco free existence. At first I was very skeptical since nothing else worked, why should hypnosis? However to my surprise this not only worked but the effects were immediate and painless. Normally when I am attempting to quit a habit, the urges and cravings make life very unpleasant. With Christian I did not have any of this. I simply attended the office visit, explained exactly what I wanted, went through a session, and went home a different man. The proof? My session was 6 weeks ago, and since then I haven't looked at it, craved it, or even thought about it except for the joy of knowing this stuff has no more power over me. This has had a powerful positive and permanent effect on my life. Thank you Christian. ps.. I never give 5 stars for anything..


Client Testimonial - Jeff C.

For the past seven years I live be terrified of spiders!! Living everyday in fear, being afraid to go certain places, not being able to watch certain movies/television shows, not being about to sleep without scanning the room or thinking about and swatting at a spider that wasn't there. Every time I would think about them I would tear up and begain to hyperventilate. I"ve known Christian for a few years but had always been leary about hypnosis. This year I told myself I would face this fear. Soooo I sent Christian an email...and within a very short time he responded and set up an appointment. In the beginning of my meeting he made sure all my questions were answered and I understand what was about happen. By the end of the session I was very emotional but very excited. Christian was very patient with me. It's been two weeks now and I've had some of the best nights sleep ever...I've been able to watch television and movies without having to close my eyes and/or turn my head. It's like I can breath clearer than ever. This has been one of the most AMAZING experience for me. I would highly highly recommend him to anyone. Christian....Thank you, Thank you!!

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